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Sri Lankan Fish Cutlets

I’ve loved these things for years – whether its in the cutlet form or in a Patty/Samosa Style.

I was wondering if this recipe could live up to my memories of these but it turns out it could!

Just make sure that for a true SriLankan flavour, when it mentions LOTS of pepper – take what you first thought of as “lots” and at least triple it…

Tasting is your friend here – it should be spicy (or preferably extremely spicy) with pepper.

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Sausage Rolls


Ok, so if you’re Australian, you’re sure to know what sausage rolls are and have an opinion on who’s are best.

The recipe I tried from here results in a nice smoky flavoured sausage roll that I thought had good flavour. I will say though that I changed the 100% lamb to 75%:25% Lamb to Pork due to the fact that the lamb mince I could find in the US here at Whole Foods seemed to have a very low fat content.

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More Sri-Lankan Recipes

Whilst searching for interesting recipes I came across http://curryandcomfort.blogspot.com/

There’s some interesting recipes here and this evening I made the Fiery Sri Lankan Pork Curry).



I thought it was wonderful, although it turned out way too hot for my wife – oh and since I’m not all that into pork I used Turkey thighs.

Great Curry (pictures to come later), which made my nose and eyes water for the first time in ages.

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the final result – I was too busy eating ­čśÇ

Thanks Ramona!

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Corriander (Cilantro) Chicken

Made this over the weekend:


However, I was in the mood for Sri Lankan, so I added a tablespoon of Sri Lankan curry powder at Step 8.

I had good responses on the flavor and would definitely make again.

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Burmese Beef & Potato Curry

Much too busy to post for quite some time, but I did get a chance to make a recipe from http://www.asianonlinerecipes.com/online_recipes/burma/beef-potato-curry.php this evening.

Quite typical in terms of ingredients with the bulk of the flavour coming from onion/garlic/ginger and tumeric.

The result was very mild but my wife really liked it – so I guess I’ll make this one again ­čÖé

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Ruan Thai

Ruan Thai (Wheaton, MD) has wonderful Thai.

Please, Please, Please don’t order the Pad Thai! ┬áTry something interesting.

You really should work your way through the appetizer menu.

We cant go without ordering the Yum Sam Krob and usually the Tod Mun (fish cakes).  That entire list is pretty good.

The whole fried flounder is excellent with the Lard Prik sauce (Hot chili, garlic and basil leaves) but order it with the sauce on the side to avoid the fish becoming soggy.


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Araliya is where I began my love of Sri Lankan (at least in its original location a few doors down the street from where it is now).

The food is wonderful and dishes like the Sour Beef, Stuffed Calamari, Jaggery Beef and the Pumpkin Mustard curry are particular favorites.

Warning – this is in Melbourne, Australia, so its a little difficult to get to from my current home in Chicago.